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Electric rivet gun & accessories Drill bits & accessories Adhesive guns Panel accessories
Electric rivet gun & accessories
ELECTRIC RIVET GUNGesipa Accubird rivet gun, includes rechargeable battery and charging station.
GESIPA/POWERBIRD-PROGesipa Powerbird Pro rivet gun, includes rechargeable battery and charging station.
RIVET/SPACE/TOOL/16/14Space tool for Gesipa Accubird rivet gun.
Can be used with RIVETS/18/16, RIVETS/18/14, RIVETS/23, RIVETS/10/14
RIVET/CENTRALISING/DRILLStepped drill bit to drill 10mm hole in the panel and 5mm hole in the aluminium rail at the same time.
Drill bits & accessories
ReferenceDescriptionSize (mm)
DRILL/4.9/COBALT4.9mm high strength, durable drill bit for drilling aluminium, steel or cladding panels4.9
DRILL/5/COBALT5mm high strength, durable drill bit for drilling aluminium, steel or cladding panels5
DRILL/8/COBALT8mm high strength, durable drill bit for drilling aluminium, steel or cladding panels8
DRILL/10/COBALT10mm high strength, durable drill bit for drilling aluminium, steel or cladding panels10
DRILL/11/COBALT11mm high strength, durable drill bit for drilling aluminium, steel or cladding panels11
Adhesive guns
Our adhesive guns come in the form of sausage guns (both electric and standard) and skeleton guns. The electric sausage gun includes a rechargeable battery and charging station. Whichever gun you use, it’s important to always ensure you are adhering to bare metal which is prepared in accordance with the installation guide. It is not possible to adhere any of our panel adhesive systems onto colour coated rails or trims.
ELECTRIC SAUSAGE GUNElectric bulk sausage gun for 600ml sausages, includes rechargeable battery and charging station
SAUSAGE GUNBulk sausage gun for 600ml sausages
SKELETON GUNStandard skeleton / caulking gun for 300ml tubes of adhesive
Panel accessories
Our screws range from large head self-tapping screws for aluminium or steel substrates, to small or large head for timber fixing. Heavy-duty and robust, they get the job done with the minimum of fuss.
PL/RP/SLS/50Rockpanel Easyfix sidings clip for Rockpanel weather board systems. Complete with fixing screw.

Drawings and typical details


Most of our drawings contain a CAD drawing showing the dimensions of the profiles and also a typical detail showing how it is commonly used. All of our aluminium profiles will be coated as if they were being used in the manner shown in these details. If you require them to be coated in any other way, please let our sales team know when you place your order.


If you would like us to send a sample of the profile you are considering, we would be happy to send a short length* to you. If you require your sample to be in a certain colour**, we can also do this. Please contact our sales team for more information.
*samples are between 100mm and 150mm and usually in black, mill finish or anodised.
**Please allow between 6-10 working days for custom coated samples.

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